Feline RDP #49: Feline Welcome


Welcome does not exist in meow
So say away, you just want my chow
This is my water, belongs to me
My paw is the signal that it is not free
What are you doing here, no-one asked
You just peeped your way in, so leave again fast
I don’t care if you are hungry and feeling alone
That is not my problem, so go chew a bone
See this place, the borders have a mark
It says Tabby’s territory, and not just a lark
I should move over and give a place to rest
What did you say, you fell out of the nest?
You are a bird, and are lonely and sad
Oh dear, that is not good, I will not be a cad
So cuddle up close I will not play so dumb
But what is that noise, a loud caw, that’s you mum?
You mean you’re a crow, and you have now been found
Then of course you must go, I will not be a hound
And now the bird is gone, I had a lucky break
It would have been my dinner, a very nice steak
But I do not want to be fussy, and revenge can be sweet
And I am such a good feline, and mummy birds want to eat
Bye bye little bird, wing your way with your mum
And as I was saying, no-one is welcome

Feline RDP #49: Feline Welcome