Feline RDP #50: Golden Feline


“No Tabby, that is not very nice.”

“What’s wrong Mrs. Human?”

“I said I wanted a nice golden smile for your photo and you look like the cat from hell.”

“I was only yawning after my comfortable sleep. It was your fault you didn’t have to wake me by sticking a camera phone in front of my nose. I always yawn after a sleep, it is good for relaxing the face muscles.”

“But I did not want the vampire teeth in the photo.”

“You cannot have everything Mrs. Human. I inherited the teeth from my feline ancestors. We were more teeth than anything else in the olden days. There was no chopping food to make smaller pieces and the vitamin pellets would have been a joke. The sabre tooth generation would devour a human in a few minutes.”

“Those days are gone Tabby, we are now civilised.”

“Speak for yourself. I have seen how you eat a chicken, dividing it into legs and wings and other pieces. You don’t even enjoy the bones.”

“Humans have a more delicate digestive system Tabby.”

“Or course they do, they have knives and forks. I have claws and teeth. By the way if you want something golden just have a look at my fur. I have a golden tummy and when the sun shines on me there are golden highlights everywhere. I am a golden girl, and have you seen the lotus flowers that spring from my paws when I walk. I am so perfect.

If the sun had been shining I am sure that a spark of gold would have reflected from my tooth. Perhaps you can try the photo again in the sun.”

Feline RDP #50; Golden Feline

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