Feline RDP 51: Ducky Feline


Listen carefully kittens, you should stay away from ducks.

Of course I like them, I love them, although often too many feathers. Take a bite in a meaty wing and you have a mouth full of feathers. Some are more beak than feathers and not worth the effort. Others have big feet, like chewing on leather. And they swim around in water all the time, meaning wet chewing.

One of the felines I knew almost choked to death on a duck bone. There should be instructions given to cats on how to eat a duck, but no two ducks are the same. Some are more beak than meat and others? They are big, really big and those beaks can get very dangerous. Personally I prefer a bird, just one bite and the job is done. Of course ducklings are quite good, just some fluff and handy sizes. They are very tasty and one comes seldom alone. The problem is their mums and dads are usually not far away and that can get quite dangerous. They like to keep their kids around until they are almost fully grown.

Tomorrow I will be back to instruct you on how to handle a mouse, much easier and very tasty.

Feline RDP #51: Ducky Feline