Feline RDP #52: Feline Time


“What’s the time Mrs. Human?”

“It’s almost six in the evening.”

“Doesn’t exist in meow Mrs. Human, you should know that. We felines have our own body clocks. It is either time to eat, time to sleep, time to wash, or time to produce a hairball.”

“And what if the time does not cover any of those things?”

“Then I would be entering my 10th life, and I still a few more to go first. My whiskers tell me that they are relaxed after a refreshing sleep and a stretch, but they tell me that another sleeping session would be a good idea as this is the ideal place to sleep with my paws on the mowing monster.”

“Tabby Mowey has done is work for the day, so you can leave him now.”

“When was that? You mean he walked around my territory without my permission.”

“You were sleeping Tabby, and I did not want to wake you.”

“In that case I will continue with my sleep. Wake me when it is tuna fish time.”

“There is no tuna fish time today.”

“But my body routine tells me that it will be tuna fish time when I have finished sleeping, ¬† ¬†although first of all it will be washing time.”

“You have your vitamin pellets to eat if you are hungry.”

“Vitamin pellet time has been removed from the daily routine. I have included it in hairball production time.”

“I thought time did not exist in meow.”

“There are always exceptions to the rule Mrs. Human.”

“But if you are now going to continue your sleep and have a wash, how will you know if tuna fish time arrives.”

“No problem. Just open the tin and I will be there. That is nose time when I smell that something is being prepared for me and ear time when the sound of the tin opener sends its waves in the correct frequency. And now for a refreshing wash.”

“I thought you wanted to continue your sleep.”

“Of course, this discussion was only an interval. Make sure you use the right tin opener for the fish, the one that makes a noise, so that I can receive the signal.”

Feline RDP #52: Feline Time