Feline RDP #53: Feline Zing


Feline Zing is the motivation for doing things at the right time in the right place. I sleep because my Zing tells me it is time to sleep. Sometimes the Zing also sleeps and so we both decided to float into the world of Zing. It is a wonderful place to be. Birds flying within paw reach, mice calling come and catch me and above all paws that can capture the Zing of life.

Zing tells me to wake and then I get the real zingy feeling from head to claw for an overall wash. Zing is guiding me through the forest of fur, licking every part of my wonderful body and afterwards I am refreshed, the Zing has again achieved its purpose, but we are tired and so we sleep another few hours. I must recover from the last sleep and my Zing helps me on the way.

Suddenly Zing awakes and zings towards the food bowl where a delicious plate of food is awaiting my attention. Zing now drives me on to achieve its result. Tired and exhausted from the act of eating I collapse together with my Zing and we sleep again. Suddenly I have a feeling that I must go places and see things. I pack my Zing in my fur and we depart for journey to the unknown. The land of Zing is waiting. There are big Zings waiting to help me on the way. Humans have guardian angels, and felines have Zings. What more can I say. Without a Zing in your life, you are lost, there is no point. It is something similar to my wall that I observe most of the time. There are signals in a feline world that only we recognise. Long live the Zing and the wall of course.

Feline RDP #53: Feline Zing