Feline RDP #54: Reflecting Feline


Gather around kittens, some wise words from the feline oracle

I was reflecting on the meaning of a feline life.
We were born free, more or less, following the scent of the hunt
We are equipped with teeth to tear and fangs to bite
Feline destiny was not to chew on bland pellets that were dead material
Humans worshipped us, got down on their knees, carved statues in our likeness
Our natural talent of mice hunting, freeing the corn chambers of their attacks was appreciated.
We were the kings of civilisation.

Today we are reduced to the whims of the humans.
They open tins of tuna fish with their opposable thumbs
They make sure that our bowls are always filled with food
Our water supply is constant
They give us tummy tickles and reward us with kibbles
They open doors for us to go out
They worry if we do not come home and when we do we are spoilt with affection
They empty our litter boxes

Why do we let them do it?
Is this the meaning of life?

Of course it is
Why do it yourself when you have a human to do it for you

Yes, I have discovered the true values of why we are here
To give the humans a purpose in their lives
They would be lost without us

Do I want to return to the days when we cats were kings of the plains
where it was all our territory?
No way, so you think I am a fool
Hunting days for food that you cannot find
And hiding from anything that is bigger that you are as you might be its next meal

The solution to all feline problems is adopt a human
Why do it yourself when you can have a human to do it for you

Feline RDP #54: Reflecting Feline

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