Feline RDP #55: Feline Travel


Of course I travel, but I have such a stress that I hardly have the time. I have my sleeping duties to perform, combined with regular washing and then of course I have to fit the meals in when I am awake. If only the day had more hours.

I usually combine the travelling with territory inspection. My territory is marked with my signs and there are always other felines that are planning on taking over. There is a barrier surrounding my territory where the machines with wheels have taken over. If only the humans had stayed in the trees where they belong. They made a big mistake when they decided to invent the wheel. Life was so peaceful. Now we felines cannot extend our territories because of the wheeled monsters.

Now and again I have to travel in one of things on wheels, but where do I go? I am travelling, but not to a feline holiday camp, only to the vet where I am subjected to one horror after the other in the name of being good for me. They jab me  and stick some sort of instrument in my private part. Afterwards the vet says everything under control.  I do not feel very much under control, my dignity is injured. Good for me I understand as being fed with tuna fish every day and being left in peace and quiet to sleep with no unwanted disturbances. Humans should be seen and not heard and only  be available for the feline needs.

And now I shall travel to my bed for a relaxing sleep.

Feline RDP #55: Feline Travel