Feline RDP #56: Feline Salvage


I wish I had a zip, my coat must go
the sun in beating down, I will have to learn to sew
Imagine how it is when you are dressed in fur
I can only hiss and  would prefer to purr
I need air conditioning to cool my whiskers down
I tried a scratch on the ear, but it only made me frown
In the shade of a tree, my body feels better
I feel so hot, because I am wearing a fur sweater
Perhaps there might be buttons, I could then undress
I wish the sun would go, to take away the stress
But now comes a cloud, at last I am saved
the cloud has disappeared, I think I should shave
I will now go and hide, the zip cannot be found
I am doing something wrong and I will go to ground
I will sink my paws in water and hide beneath  a tree
My zip and buttons are missing, there is something wrong with me

Feline RDP #56: Feline Salvage

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