Feline RDP #60: Feline Quarry


Meow kittens. I have my own quarry in my territory. I like to keep it clean. It is ideal for collecting water which has a very good flavour. The stones are paw sized  and ideal for my needs. There used to be grass and flowers there but I told Mrs. Human that is nothing for a special feline like myself. That is for the common felines, the ones that sit on the human laps and think that the humans are their mothers, obeying their commands and being thankful for their food and care. Remember kittens, always be one paw ahead of the humans, we deserve the best treatment.

I am the chief here and I decide how my territory should be. No flowers or grass, but the stuff that feline comfort is made of and where we can bury our little secrets with no-one knowing.  I give Mrs. Human the command to spray my stones daily and to rake through the stones. It keeps her out of mischief and gives her a purpose in her human life. I do not sit on her lap, it would be degrading for such a feline with ancestors that were once gods.

Kittens, remember humans are there to follow our orders. Do not accept anything else. We deserve the best quality, not special bargains. Above all, remember, turn you noses up when served with hard unappetising vitamin pellets, we are worth more than that.

Feline RDP #60: Feline Quarry