Feline RDP #61: Feline Pulse


“Tabby why do you put your paw in your water bowl when you are drinking?”

“That is obvious Mrs. Human. To make sure my water doesn’t escape. If I keep my paw in the water then it stays where it is. It moves in the rhythm to my pulse vibrations.”

“But water cannot escape.”

“Of course it can. I see water everywhere that has managed to break out from its bowl. I want to make sure that my water stays where it is when I am drinking. And I need the water to cool my paws and maintain my pulse.”

“But you are making the water dirty by putting your paws in it.”

“Are you insinuating that I have dirty paws? I am washing them continuously and even use them to clean my whiskers. Keeping them in water maintains the equilibrium of my requirements for a healthy feline life, and stops the water escaping.”

“That is a little too complicated for me Tabby.”

“Of course, you are a mere human. Your water escapes from the spouts on the wall and afterwards disappears, never to be seen again. One day you will no longer have any more water. You should really use your hand to keep it where it is.”

“Is that feline logic Tabby?”

“Of course not, it is a fact of life.”

“And what about the water that falls from the sky, the rain.”

“That is the water that escapes from the humans because they do not keep their hands in the water. And now leave me to enjoy my water and do not ask such stupid questions. humans have no logic. And don’t distract me. Did you see that? Some water escaped from my bowl.”

“No Tabby, you moved your paw, and the water splashed onto the ground.”

“And the moon is made of tuna fish. You humans really have strange explanations for the meaning of life.”

Feline RDP #61: Feline Pulse

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