Feline RDP #62: Feline Monsoon


“Good afternoon Madame Tabby. we are from the daily Meow Mews and would like to know your opinion on the weather situation.”

“It is hot.”

“And what are you doing to cope with the sitution?”

“I am sleeping under the shade of a tree.”

“Any suggstions for cooling down?”

“If I had a zip I would take off my coat, but our scientists have not yet invented the feline coat zip. I thought that my humans might organise a fur conditioner, but they tell me it would be too expensive. Humans have no consideration for the feline problems in summer.”

“Yes we agree Madame Tabby. But after the hot weather there is usually a cooling rain.”

“I agree, but what respectable feline submits herself to a rain shower. Our fur is afterwards wet and it spoils the overall impression, No feline would allow herself to be seen with wet fur.”

“It looks like a storm is brewing Madame Tabby. We now have a new series in our Mews News showing photos of felines with the wet fur look. We were wondering if you would like to contribute.”

“No, I do not think so.”

“But you would be on the front page of our mewspaper and also featured in MewTube.”

“You mean thousands of other felines would see me.”

“Yes, you would become famous.”

“What’s in it for me?”

“Fame of course.”

“And food?”

“No food. That is a human responsibility.”

“Then you can go. I have wasted enough time answering your stupid questions. It is quite clear to me that it is all fake mews. No self-respecting feline would show itself with a wet look.”

Feline RDP #62: Feline Monsoon