Feline RDP #63: Feline Challenge


Another challenge? I am challenged daily. I am so exhausted having to work all day, just the pure logistics of the tasks. When I awake I have to wash myself: a complete fur covered body from ears to paws. So much work and Mrs. Human just looks on and finds how sweet. I began to show her how to do it for me, but somehow that did not work. Humans have such inadequate tongues and imagine Mrs. Human even said that I must take care of that work myself.

I discovered that is one of the reasons why I am doomed to chew on hard unappetising vitamin pellets. Mrs. Human buys them in a plastic bag, empties them into my food bowl and that is all. Just to save her time and effort, I am condemned  to a life of fast food. She is even convinced that they are healthy and give me everything I need to grow into a nice strong feline. She forgets the advantages of the tuna fish meals than train my taste buds to recognise quality food. Yes, the laziness of the human species.

After organising the logistics of my sleep session I realise that there is a void in my life. I have no targets to fulfil, and there is only one solution. After my wash is completed I must curl up and sleep again, helping me to recover from the last sleeping session. This process repeats itself constantly. Do you realise how tiring this is. I need at least 23 hours daily to recover from my sleep challenges. Imagine the stress I have fitting in a meal and searching for a sleeping place, with only an hour to spare. At least I managed to train my human to clean my recycling tray and refill it with clean contents. She also fills my water bowl regularly. Now and again I have to give her a hiss to remind her of her duties. Yes, I am challenged daily with human training.

And now, after pawing this piece of daily purr, I must again sleep to recover. The life of a feline is not easy.

Feline RDP #63: Feline Challenge

4 thoughts on “Feline RDP #63: Feline Challenge

  1. Have you ever heard of a cat — or dog — with insomnia? As far as I know, every feline and canine can ALWAYS sleep. It’s their auto-function. It’s what they do. Sleep. If there’s nothing worth chasing, eating, or meowing or barking at, sleep. Even with Tabby, who obviously regards everything as a challenge, finding the RIGHT place to sleep is an issue, but our dogs? Wherever they fall down is okay, but if they have the time to get there, the sofa is the best. And that’s what all of them are currently doing.

    Sleeping. it’s what I wish I was doing!

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    • The same thought had crossed my mind, insomnia does not exist in the cat or dog world. Let’s sleep is the daily plan of action, Tabby now has the summer Programme, outside in a cool place with shade. Make three circles with the body, sink to ground level close your eyes and she is away.

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  2. Wash,sleep eat that’s what we like and of course a human to look after our other needs. I think we do deserve more Tuna after all were we not once worshipped and should still be now. Humans forget on a daily basis.x

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