Feline RDP #68: Feline Play


“Tabby, asleep again?”

“I am relaxing Mrs. Human and regaining my strength after the exhausting day I had yesterday.”

“But yesterday you were also sleeping all day.”

“I was thinking and studying Mrs. Human, and I became so exhausted that I have to sleep today to recover.”

“I thought you were sleeping. What was so tiring.”

“I was searching for my zip all day to take my coat off in this hot weather.”

“There is no zip Tabby. I told you yesterday.”

“Rule No. 1 in the feline handbook “do not believe everything a human says”. I decided to give up the search. My fur coat begins and ends at the tail end with no zips in between. Now I must recover from the search attempts.”

“But you are sleeping your life away Tabby.”

“That depends on which life it is. No. 1-4 have already been dealt with, so if I revisit them on a sleeping journey, there is no problem. Perhaps I might even find my zip in one of my used lives.”

“I don’t think so Tabby. It will soon be evening, the sun will go down and you could perhaps go for a walk, or even play with one of your toys.”

“No way, play does not exist in meow and neither does toys. You must be referring to the physical exercises I partake in, like manufacturing a hairball, disintegration of paper objects or trying to work out the relationship between a ball in motion and which point in a spacial distance I should terminate its motion. I am also occupied with ¬†working out the gravitational pull of a bird I might catch whilst in flying motion. On the other paw I will just sleep over the solution to these problems where there are serious quantum mathematical solutions to be found.

You see Mrs. Human we felines bear the problems of the world on our whiskers and you cannot even tell me where my zip is. Life is not a game to be played, it must be considered with results only achieved by sleeping on the solutions.”

“Oh my, Tabby, you are so right, I will leave you to it and hope I have not interrupted your sleep.”

Feline RDP #68: Feline Play