Feline RDP #69: Feline Community


Yes, I just love my communitiy. We never have arguments, alway have the same opinion about everything and even know which ear to scratch next. We wash together, eat together, even take walks together. Who are the others in the community? That is an easy answer, I, me and myself. What more could a feline need for perfect happiness and balance.

Of course there are other felines living near, but they also have their own communities. There is Roschti, living next door. His idea of a community is to walk through my territory and leave a mark to show who is the boss. And so we have a lively discussion about it, usually with some communal hisses and paw swipes. It is then that one of us disappear through a cat flap, usually me. Or perhaps my guard human discovers a communal spirit and might tell Roschti to leave, which he usually does. Sometimes the human touch can  be quite helpful.

Then there is Butch, another feline wannabe communal helper. He does not ask, but sits and waits and watches my every movement. Another reason to fetch Mrs. Human. Otherwise I get on like a house on fire with all my neighbours, I avoid them and they avoid me. Mrs. Human is not part of my community, she has the slave status to ensure that my community remains intact with no intrusions from outside.

Feline RDP #69: Feline Community