Feline RDP #71: Effervescent Feline


It was another long hot day and my usual effervescent explosive active self was again searching for the zip on my coat. This cannot be, I must revive my effervescence and bring some action into my body and so I made a decision, although that was difficult. Shall I wash or sleep. I must do something to pass the time. I am a daring feline and decided that I can do both. First of all I will have a wash. Life can be so exciting sometimes and exhausting, but I am bubbling with unleased energy and must apply it. I spent ten minutes on a very exhausting wash. I though I might find the zip on the way, but it is still missing. I tried biting my way through the fur hoping that I might meet a piece of metal on the way, but to no avail. The zip did not show.

And now the wash was finished. It was time for the next step in my keep fit programme. I stood and made a decision. Clockwise was the word and so I circled my body three times, applying all four paws to assist and found the correct angle to the sun and moon, with a tangent towards Jupiter. Yes, we felines always find the perfect solution to our problems. I was now ready. Overflowing with surplus energy I made my decision. It would have been a small step for a kitten, but a large step for a fully grown feline with five lives like myself. If I still had all nine lives, it would have been a bigger step.

I sank to the ground and closed my eyes. That is the action of the day. I will be back again tomorrow to prepare for my next sleeping session bubbling with energy as always. I have done enough today, life can be such a stress.

Feline RDP#71: Effervescent Feline

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