Feline RDP #73: Fungible Feline


There is no other feline like me. I am just perfect. What more can I say. When you see my photo you realise that every whisker has its own place, nicely positioned to form a perfect pattern. And note the spare whisker on the left. Every perfect feline had something special.

And the pattern of my fur is really unique. I am not just a tabby cat, but I am THE tabby cat, there is no other like myself.  Thanks to my daily washing, at least 5 times a day, and my sleeping arrangements, I am perfect. Every time I sleep I always make sure that I take a different position to be certain that my fur coat remains balanced. That is important, otherwise it would mean an uneven fur with bumps and that would spoil my perfection and symmetry.

Not to mention my ears, which also have a fur lining. Mrs. Human says that only wild cats have that, what does she know. The fur lined ears are a symbol of royalty amongst the felines.  I am sure I am a direct descendent of Bastet.

I do not want to bore you further about my perfection, you can see it for yourself. Did I tell you that my family were once worshipped as gods, and the witches loved us: shame we got burnt with them.

Feline RDP #73: Fungible Feline

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