Feline RDP #74: Feline Zest


“Mrs. Human, the zest of life is not having a lemon pushed under your nose and taking a photo just to be able to write a blog about it. My blogs are islands of peace and tranquility where no feline has to have nightmares by seeing lemons. Have you ever seen a feline drinking water flavoured with lemon juice, or a feline biting a lemon for the pleasure of it?  No, we are allergic to lemons. You will never see a feline resting in the shade of a lemon tree.”

“But Tabby, the theme is about zest and I found the photo suited the theme quite well.”

“Then ask my permission first of all. My feline groupies look forward to reading about life from a feline point of view and today they are confronted with a lemon meowmares. Even a banana would be better, but I suppose I should be thankful that it was not a cucumber.”

“What is wrong with a cucumber Tabby?”

“Don’t ask Mrs. Human, If you have not yet discovered the evil intentions of a cucumber to ruin the stability of a feline life, then there is no point. Every feline knows what a cucumber can do to reduce the zest in a feline life. And talking of zest it has nothing to do with lemons. It is what we felines need to get through our nine lives, less those that might have got lost on the way. It gives energy to maintain our sleeping sessions daily and supports us in licking our fur regularly. Not to mention the concentration we need when having lengthy staring sessions with walls. They stare back you know, and it is not easy to be constantly watching. If we break the contact the wall might crumble.”

“Oh I see Tabby, thankyou for the explanation. In future I will only show vitamin pellets on the photo for inspiration.”

“Mrs. Human, have you actually understood what I said. We have had lengthy discussions about the advantages and  mainly disadvantages of the vitamin pellets.”

“I know Tabby, but you must admit they are good for you.”

“Yes something like lemons.”

Feline RDP #74: Feline Zest