Feline RDP #75: Blue Feline

Tabby in the bathroom

I do not do blue, but Mrs. Human tells me there is a blue object in the background whilst I was taken a rest in the bathroom, in the sink, I insisted it was brown, or was it a shade of green. We felines do not do blue, it is not in our physical make-up. We abolished colours some time ago.

Who needs colours, you can tell the difference by the smell. If tuna fish was blue it would smell the same as always. Mrs. Human says it is brown, but she also said that my wonderful “good for you” hard vitamin pellets are also brown, so it is obvious that colours are not necessary. Those pellets have nothing in common with my delicious tuna fish.

Perhaps my wall is blue but my wall also does not recognise colours. It only recognises me when we have a conversation.

Of course there are always exceptions to the colours surrounding us. I have beautiful green eyes which reflect in the dark, they are perfect and yes,  they are green. A pink nose? No I don’t think so, it is just another shade of feline colour perception, although I suppose it does match the colour of my tongue. Who needs colours? As long as it tastes good, that is the main thing.

Feline RDP #75: Blue Feline

12 thoughts on “Feline RDP #75: Blue Feline

    • It is one of the older photos when she was still a teenager (in cat years). I had to bath Nera once and that was enough. I think that was why she never really liked me. Thank goodness for short furred Tabby cats like Tabby.

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