Feline RDP #77: Encircled Feline


At last an ideal place for a sleep, all by myself.  I did a feline check and discovered that I am sheltered at the back, and on the right and left. I need a free entry and exit at the front, so what could be better. That is why I like Mrs. Humans washing place called bathroom: just the right size and sheltered at the back and the two sides with a door at the front and there is even a place she calls a bath where I am protected in all directions: the perfect protection.

Of course there are encirclements that must be avoided. Even one roaming feline can be a danger. We do not like each other, my mum didn’t even like us kittens so much. As soon as we were feeding on our own, washing and scratching, that was that. She said goodbye and had more kittens. I often wondered how felines managed to have kittens when they did not like each other. I think it is called instinct, but I thought that was more to do with sleeping 23 hours a day, with an hour to look for a sleeping place, and preferring tuna fish to vitamin pellets.

Of course there is the washing process, which is also instinct and who likes a smelly cat, so keep yourself clean at all times. My instinct now tells me that it is time to change my sleeping place.


Ideal again: sheltered by one of Mrs. Humans plants and a cool surface to lay on.  Just encircle me and I am happy.

Feline RDP #77: Encircled Feline