Feline RDP #79: About Dogs?


Do what? Write about dogs and at this time in the evening when I am thinking about going on a hunt for the night’s trophies. No, doesn’t come into the question that I write about dogs in the evening. I will be having meowmares on my next sleep. They are loud, wag their tails constantly and smell like ….. well like dog. If you said write about tuna fish or how to wash behind your ears with the paw, I would have obliged.

But write about dogs. No thank you and now I am off. In the evening all good dogs are kept inside with their owners. I do not have an owner, just staff and I tell her when I go somewhere. I see the dogs on their leads walking. I am cat and we walk alone, we do not need to be lead anywhere. We are the ones that lead the others.

Enjoy the night everyone and do not forget. leave a cat flap open for you cat, we return when we want to.

Feline RDP #79: About Dogs?

7 thoughts on “Feline RDP #79: About Dogs?

  1. Hi Tabby, I haven’t written in a long time and even my human is hardly writing anything here at all, but I had to speak up for dogs even though I know they’re not cats’ favorite creatures. But, you’re right. I do smell. Your friend forever, Dusty T. Dog

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