Feline RDP #80: Reticent Feline


This feline is reticent, I am glad I speak meow
No human understands me, and I do not need a wow
My thoughts are mine, they remain in my head
They revolve on water and tuna fish, I make sure that I am fed
Where I am going and what I do, is my business and none of yours
I need no words and no permissions, so open up the doors
I sleep almost all day, I need my peace to keep me satisfied
I float on a cloud of feline bliss, and here I can reside
So speak your tongues you human tribe, I understand what you are talking about
Meow is my language which you do not understand, and it might be that I will pout
I can read human thoughts, it is all in the waves, I am always a paw ahead
If you think I am sleeping then that is OK, but I understand everything said
We felines might be reticent, but we emphasise our wishes by giving paw prods
Do not forget, we are the feline superior race, and we were once worshipped as gods.

Feline RDP #80: Reticent Feline