Feline RDP #81: Tender Feline


“Tabby, your fans are getting bored with the same photo every day.”

“Mrs. Human, I am not bored. It is very comfortable here on the grass in the shade of the tree.”

“Yes, but every day at the same time you are laying on the lawn.”

“Then you should take your photos when I am doing something else.”

“Tabby, you rarely do something else, except for sleeping.”

“Sometimes I eat, and sometimes I scratch, and have a wash. I also talk to the wall, and use my recycling tray, although they are not opportunities for photos. Just take my photo when I am sleeping. You can see all the wonderful details of my fur coat and who knows, perhaps someone might find the zip.”

“Tabby there is no zip, you have to keep your fur coat on and apply your air conditioning system.”

“You mean using my whiskers to fan the hot air.”

“No, but I read that all felines have an internal system of cooling down when it is hot.”

“Mrs. Human do not believe everything you read. My system is to find a comfortable place on the lawn to shelter my tender paws and limbs from the summer heat. When serving my water you should cool it down  with some ice and hour before I drink it to make it a pleasant temperature. And perhaps you could stand on the side and fan me with something to keep the temperatures cooler. I appreciate a breeze when I am sleeping.”

“Yes Tabby, I am sure you do but you could also sleep inside where it is cooler. I just do not have the time to stand next to you and construct a breeze.”

“Typical human, egoists, always thinking of themselves.”

Feline RDP #81: Tender Feline

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