Feline RDP 82#: Feline Yarn


Now I am alone, with no-one looking. You know it is so stupid, but I can have a real search. Mrs. Human laughs at me, me, a one time goddess, how could she. You should see the antics she gets up to when she washes. I can do it all on my own, but she needs all sorts of appliances with water and something called soap and shampoo: a lot of foam and nothing worth using. A tongue and a lick does it nicely for me.

Yes, so there I was sitting quietly on one of my favourite chairs having a good search. Of course I used my tongue and even claws, but they only found a few strange insects. I was expecting to get my claw hooked into something solid. Something I could tug on and pull, just like when Mrs. Human undresses her covers on the bed. She pulls, it opens and she can remove it. I am sure this is the system. If I find it, I will pull and it will open and then I will at last be able to cool down in the hot sun which beats down during the summer months.

I mean the zip on my fur coat of course, what did you think I was talking about: a tin of tuna fish. OK, that would also be a good idea, I could then open the tins myself and not be a victim to the whims and wants of a creature such as a human. I am still searching of course and refuse to let myself be daunted. On the other paw Mrs. Human said the weather will soon be changing and I might even forget where I put my coat if i remove it. I suppose she has a point, she is always forgetting where she puts things.

If I am succesful in my search I will let you know, with a photo of course. Mrs. Human, stop laughing, this is a serious matter.

Feline RDP 82#: Feline Yarn