Feline RDP#83: Remember Feline


“Tabby I think you are getting forgetful.”

“Mrs. Human a feline never forgets if it does not want to.”

“But this morning it seems you wanted to. The neighbour rang the doorbell and told us that a feline, looking very much like you, was hiding in a corner of the staircase beneath some newspapers. She was wondering if it could be you. Mr. Human had a look and he carried you home again because you seemed to be confused.”

“It was just a test Mrs. Human to see if you cared when I disappeared and you passed the test.”

“I don’t think so Tabby. The neighbour said that the kids from next door were making noise and you got very confused.”

“Don’t believe everything you hear Mrs. Human. The main thing is that I am back home again in my surroundings where I know everything.”

“Mr. Human and the neighbour said you seeed to be worried and did not know where to go. What were you doing outside on the staircase.”

“I told you it was a test. You left the door open and I decided to explore and discover if you cared when I disappeared. Did you notice I did not fight or scratch when Mr. Human picked me up, it was all part of the exercise.”

“But what were you doing climbing stairs and going to places that you did not know.”

“Even felines have to have a change of scenery sometimes. I decided that the scenery change was not my thing and through telepathy required Mr. Human to carry me back home.”

“Seems to me you were lost and did not know where to go.”

“Felines never get lost and we always know where to go. Are you glad to see me again?”

“To be quite honest Tabby, I did not even notice you were gone until the neighbour called.”

“Oh, but you are relieved that I am back in my own four walls.*

“Yes, of course, although I did not realise you were gone. Now stop crying Tabby.”

“I am not crying, just yawning.”

Feline RDP#83: Remember Feline