Feline RDP #87: Feline Articulation


This is my special look to show what a poor cat I am
I sit and stare and look so sad, but all I want is ham
It is when the humans are at the table and I also want to eat
Just sit with sad eyes and a pleading look, and then I get my treat
It does not take long, I am surrounded by food, they throw it to my paws
I know it can be so humiliating, but I need it in my jaws
Of course my bowl is always full, but not with the gourmet food
All I get is dry hard vitamin pellets, and I would prefer it stewed
I give a meow here and a meow there to emphasise with force
I want your meat so  nice and juicy, and I prefer steak of course
Look into my eyes and then you can see that I have a certain goal
Just open the tin and serve it with juice, the tuna in my bowl

Feline RDP #87: Feline Articulation