Feline Monday Prompt: Feline Meowwomple


Are you listening kittens, then I will begin. Today we will talk about the meaning of a genuine Meowwomple.

Tiddle paw down, and I don’t care if you know all aout Meowwomples. No it is not something for making kittens. If you want to know more about that then ask your father. You don’t know who he is? Then ask you mother. OK Tiddles your mother doesn’t want to talk about him and cannot remember him very well. Yes, we felines all have our problems I know, but now we are going to talk about the long Meowwompoles.

When night arrives, and the moon is shining surrounded by stars you will feel it in your whiskers, the pull of the womple. The day is the time to sleep, but when night arrives, it is time to go places and see things. I know it is dark Tiddles, but that is only for the humans, we felines see at night. Your homework today is go out into the garden when the humans decide to sleep and watch and observe. You will see things moving, only reserved for the eyes of a cat. I assume you all have the freedom to come and go as you please, otherwise you would not be here for my educational talks.

If a mouse crosses your path, then do not let it pass. Pack the opportunity by the neck with the teeth and afterwards enjoy your meal. If there is more than one mouse, then bring the extra mice home. Your human will be delighted in the morning to find such trophies in front of the window and if she is well educated, she will freeze them for you for an extra treat later. Of course there are humans that pack them in plastic bags not for freezing purposes, but throw them away, without recognition for our brave achievements. This is a sign that you should work harder on human education.

For the next lesson I will bring some mice and I will show you the best methods to apply for a tasty meal. No Tiddles, your human does not have to grill it and flavour it with paprika, we felines eat them pure with no added flavours.

Butch stop hissing at Tiddles and Tiddles put your claws back where they belong. I do not indulge feline differences in my classes. I know it is practice for the next mouse kill, but you can do that this evening – it will be a full moon.

Feline Monday Prompt: Feline Meowwomple

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