Feline RDP Tuesday Prompt: Fair Feline


“Found a new place Tabby?”

“What do you expect Mrs. Human, I am melting inside my fur, I am dying through hyperthermia caused by the missing zip. I need resuscitation and a cool breeze.”

“Tabby we have been through this before. There is no zip and no cat has yet been born with a zip. Your fur is attached to your body and has its own air conditioning system.”

“But humans remove their fur with buttons and zips when they are overheating and it cannot be that primitive animals have it all and we superior intelligence of the feline race cannot do this. I have now found a cooler place in my home where I can cool down. It is really not fair to the feline race. You could turn on that fan thing you have to help cool me down, but point it in my direction.”

“No Tabby, it would be too cold for me and I do not like to sit in a draught.”

“Mrs. Human this is a question of survival. I will dehydrate and collapse. You will have to give me cardiopulmonary resuscitation”

“Oh, in that case I will switch the fan on.”


“Me resuscitate a feline? I don’t think so.”

“But it would save my life.”

“No, Tabby, just use the fan.  I would have to massage your heart and give you the breathe of life.”

“But that would be no problem.”

“Tabby I had to throw away my breakfast yesterday because you jumped on the table and began licking the butter from my bread.”

“Is that a problem? It was very tasty.”

“But no very hygienic. And giving you the breathe of life would be very similar. Just sit where you are and I will turn on the fan and you will survive.”

Feline RDP Tuesday Prompt: Fair Feline