Feline Thursday Prompt: Feline Teleporter


“Tabby what are you doing, that looks quite ferocious.”

“I am going back to my roots, for my next teleportation.”

“No-one teleports Tabby, that is only in films.”

“Yes, but I am not no-one, I am a feline that was once worshipped as a god and still have the power.”

“What power?”

“Telepathy, human mind reading, weather prophecies, and a few others including teleporting. By the way have you seen Roschti, the feline next door. He said he will come with me this evening.”

“You mean you have made friends with him and are going out for a walk together.”

“Not exactly, as the word “friend” does not exist in meow, we cannot make friends, but we enjoy a good hiss and paw swipe together. No we are going on a group teleportation this evening. There are a few of us, it is a full moon night when planet Koshka is aliigned with the meow star and that is always a good sign. We will have a reunion with the tribal meowers.”

“But that does not exist Tabby, there is no such star or planet. I think Roschti is now waiting outside.”

“Ok, see you later. I cannot say when as time in the feline dimension has a different meaning to human time. Ready Roschti?”

“Meoeow Tabby. Give the instructions.”

“OK, Beam us up ¬†Koshkans, we are ready.”

“Just a minute, what was that flash and bang and where is Tabby and Roschti?”

“Hi Mrs. Human, we are back again.”

“Tabby what happened?”

We were having an intercat meeting, I told you we were going. ¬†Roschti the unbelieving human does not believe me, tell her.”

“Yes Mrs. Human, we spent a time on planet Koschka.”

“But it was only a few seconds.”

“Time goes fast when you are having fun, and we were in another galaxy.”

“Tabby, this is a bit unbelievable.”

“OK if you insist, we will take you with us the next time, although the teleporter might only work for felines and it could be that when you come back you will have fur.”

“OK, Tabby, forget it.”

“Roschti, I told you, humans will never believe our feline powers.”

“That’s better Tabby, otherwise Koshka will be a bit crowded if they want to join in.”

Feline Thursday Prompt: Feline Teleporter”