Feline Friday RDP: Feline Abscence

Roschti 30.08 (5)

“Mrs. Human, what is that apology for a feline doing on my meowing site?”

“But it is your friend, Roschti, the feline from next door and I thought you would be pleased to see him sharing your meowing site.”

“Mrs. Human I do not share, Felines do not share although perhaps we make an exception with our hard unappetising vitamin pellets, but we do not even share them. We give them away.”

“Roshti was sitting alone in his garden and posed for a few photos.”

“He had no business posing for anything except for “how to kill a cat by drowing”. This space is reserved for my photos. My fans and followers wait impatiently daily to see my latest pin up photos. And now they are being shown my next door neighbour licking his paw.”

Roschti 30.08 (3)

“Perhaps this photo is better Tabby.”

“No I don’t believe it. He is now licking his nose, how disgusting. How many photos of this apology for a cat did you take Mrs. Human.”

“Quite a few Tabby. Roschti was having fun and we tried all sorts of various poses. Do you want to see him washing his leg.”

“No thankyou Mrs. Human, that would be too much. I would say the best solution would be to destroy them all. I am already being bombared by requests from my fan club to have photos of Roschti with his paw print. How degrading for a unique cat like myself to have to share my Meow Page with such a cat.”

“Where are you going Tabby.”

“I am taking a sleep. In the meanwhile you must remove these shameful photos from my meow page. I am sure the are infected with some sort of strange virus. This is my site, for I, me and myself. Roschti can make his own meow pages.+

“Yes, a good idea. Roschti asked me if I would help, as the keyboard is not so paw friendly.”

“Hiss, meowow, scratch claw. Roschti should hide his face in shame.”

Roschti 30.08 (1)

Feline Friday RDP: Feline Abscence