Feline RDP Monday Prompt: Feline Labour


“I see you are working hard again Tabby.”

“Of course, the sweat is dripping from my whiskers.”

“It must be hard work counting the grass blades.”

“No, no really, there are not many.”

“Then perhaps you could do something more useful like clearing away the vitamin pellets surrounding your food bowl.”

“I don’t feel like it. I have just been busy with my recycling system. Imagine the effort I must invest to bury it all.”

“I noticed that during the summer you have not used your tray.”

“It is unhygienic to bury it in the same tray. I have discovered a much better place.”


“Yes in between the rose bushes, although I have to be careful of the thorns. The roses are growing much better now, must be the fertiliser.”

“But they do not smell so good.”

“Are you insinuating that my recycling material is not fragrent? Lotus flowers will soon be growing where it is buried.”

“No Tabby, more mushrooms and other strange plants, but no worry Tabby, we are having the garden changed.”

“You are planting catnip?”

“No Tabby, we are not planting anything. we are having all the earth removed and replacing it with small stones and flower beds higher up.”

“But where can I deposit my recycled material?”

“In your recycling tray like all other felines.”

“I am not just a feline, but Tabby and my recycling material is something special, unique.”

“No Tabby, it smells like all other recycled material and looks the same.”

“That is a matter of opinion.”

Feline RDP Monday Prompt: Feline Labour

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