Feline RDP Tuesday Prompt: Feline Energy


Energy? Of course I am energetic, you can see how I am concentrating on gathering my energy for the next energetic movement. I am focussing on the camera of course, I have to keep up appearances for my fans, but afterwards I will be a whirlwind of energy, You will hardly be able to follow my movments as I turn my body anticlockwise in three circles. I have to pause in between to recover from my actions. I then have to sink to the ground and gather my breath for the next movement, the most important. I will close my eyes weighted with the fatigue of my working day.

The life of a feline is exhausting. Even washing can tire out the muscles of the tongue. Just imagine having to lick your complete body to be able to sleep and when you have slept, licking it all again to wake up. OK, humans do not do that sort of thing, they are not so active as we energetic felines. They use things called showers. If they had fur coats (without zips) they would have their problems in finding everything between the layers.

We felines keep our energy where it belongs, in the thought processes.  If you see a closed door, let it be opened to go outside. On your way you think things over and decide to reverse the action and return inside. That is almost atomic energy reversing the process. I was only telling the wall yesterday about my exhaustion. I was even tired after staring at the wall for an hour. The wall stared back and agreed with everything I said. Of course it was all done by telepathy, we can save our energy by this system. The wall has the solution to everything, it never tires of looking at me.

Please do not bother me until my sleep is finished, about 10 hours. Sleeping draws on my energy and I will probably have to have another sleep afterwards to recover.

Feline RDP Tuesday Prompt: Feline Energy