Feline RDP Thursday Prompt: Barking Meow


I don’t bark because I meow, I am a feline and I know how
Just imagine if Mrs. Human has to let me in and I would bark, it would be a sin
Meow is a song, so soft and gives us poise, barking attacks your ears and is a very loud noise
Dog are big, they are not so polite, and if you get too near they might even bite
We felines are delicate, but we can be quite sly, dogs are animals to keep in your eye
And a canine bark is worse than the bite, when cats meow it gives a dog a fright
Felines speak in softer tones, hearing sounds from far away, dogs never listen, they prefer to have their say
One thing is certain,  better to have a cat in the house
We felines are more intelligent, and know how to catch a mouse

Feline RDP Thursday Prompt: Barking Meow