Feline RDP Tuesday Prompt: Orange Feline


“Mrs. Human, why does Roschti, the feline next door, have orange fur?”

“I suppose his mum or dad had orange fur and he inherited it.”

“But my mum had black fur and I am not black.”

“Probably your dad was a tabby.”

“I asked my mum, but she could not remember. She said on that memorable night there were many cats, some black, some white and some like me. My litter sister Nera was black. I am probably a mixed salad.”

“She probably had the same fur as her mother.”

“But there were two others, our brothers and sisters: one was grey and another was like me, but much bigger.”

“But we like you all the same Tabby, no matter what colour fur you have. It is the inside values that count.”

“You mean the production of my perect hairballs.”

“Not exactly Tabby.”

“But they are a product of my inside. Roschti also manufactures hairballs, but they are the not as perfect as mine, and have a reddish shade with them.”

“That is because her fur is coloured red.”

“My hairballs are much more interesting, they are multi coloured.”

“Yes Tabby, but I did not mean hairballs when talking about your inside values. I mean your inner qualities.”

“Like eating tuna fish and making nice mounds in the garden after finishing my recycling process.”

I was thinking when you cuddle up to me for a tummy tickle.”

“Oh, that. No problem, that is usually when I cannot handle all the living irritations in my fur by myself and need a helping hand. It works quite well, especially if ants are involved.”

Feline RDP Tuesday Prompt: Orange Feline