Feline RDP Thursday: Feline Oasis


This is my oasis, what more could a feline want. I have trees to sharpen my claws and places with soft earth serving as a perfect recycling tray. Now and again a bird might even arrive, although I must admit, I am no longer as fit as I was and they tend to escape my claws, but life is good. This is my territory and I come and go as I please. Mrs. Human has told me that soon there will be a big change and the grass will be replaced with stones. This is not a problem for me, if the paws can move them then you can bury whatever you have to bury beneath them. I can even spray them to mark my borders.

There will be raised beds for the flowers, so what could be better, although I do not need flowers. Just ¬†few catmint plants will do, for a place to get high now and again. I have plans for this new system, but don’t tell Mrs. Human, she often has her own ideas. I was thinking of making my sleeping quarters on the top of these new raised parts, where I have the perfect view of all my land. I hope Mrs. Human has designed a place for my food bowl and water. Perhaps I can persuade her to have a place built for my hair balls, what could be better.

Feline RDP Thursday: Feline Oasis