Feline RDP Monday: Copious Felines


I am a Tabby cat
And now I lay in the grass
See the Macdonalds “M” on my head
To show that I have class
The feline next door is also a Tabby
but not as special as I
His hairballs are not as good as mine
He cannot even try
Tabbies you might see everywhere
but they are all so weak
I am the best, most intelligent of all
Because I am so unique
I can also talk to walls,
they even answer back
But it is all exclusive for me
Understanding I do not lack
I am the bravest of them all
I do not have any fear
But wait a minute, I need the cat flap
A dog is barking near
They seek us here, they seek us there
Tabby Felines are everywhere

Feline RDP Monday: Copious Feline