Feline RDP Thursday: Slippery


I do not do slippery, I just stretch myself out
You might try to take me, but success would be a doubt
I can hear the ants below in the grass, they have no chance with me
I can squirm and turn and squash them all, I do it all with glee
A feline creeps nearer, he wants to take my land
I will slip quite carefully and hiss and fight, that wasn’t what it planned
We felines can be very sneaky. we are settled in our house
But we are awake and ready all times, especially for a mouse
We creep up softly and sniff the air to make sure it tastes so fine
And then we pounce and hope to catch, as long as they don’t slime
Mice can be so very tricky, and birds can leave you cold
I sometimes I think  my talent is fading because I am now too old

Feline RDP Thursday: Slippery