Feline RDP Posh: Posh Feline


I am not posh just demand my status in life
I was worshipped as a god and never had any strife
Today things are different, but I have a human slave
who respects my status and importance and knows that I am brave
She pampers me with tuna fish and I sleep on a comfortable bed
I just have to remind her to focus on me in her head
Vitamin pellets are not my thing and so I give a scratch
It is just to tell her to go outside,  a mouse for me to catch
Of course I expect her to bow when I enter and tend to me all hours
She knows that I am special, when she sees the lotus flowers
They spring from my paws as I tread my way, the truth she really sees
Do not forget we felines were gods when the humans were still in the trees

Feline RDP Posh: Posh Feline

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