Feline RDP Tuesday: Feline Migration


I migrated to the next door territory, but it did not smell like mine
And then I pawed my way to a field, but I found it full of swine
Mrs. Human said stay where you are, it is the best foundation
But I want to go places and see other things, I need a long vacation
I packed my cat nipcz and tins of tuna hunger to overcome
In a few minutes had to return I had no opposable thumb
The tuna fish stayed at home, I decided to catch mice on the way
They ran and hid in their homes underground and so I had to stay
Migration is not for felines like us, we like to stay at home
The humans also have their use, I decided not to roam
And now I am sleeping on a nice warm bed, the outdoor life not for me
Mrs. Human is giving me a tummy tickle, better than climbing a tree
Life away  can be very hard and gives me tiresome paws
I must be recognised as the queen that I am, and have my daily applause

Feline RDP Tuesday: Feline Migration