Feline RDP Wednesday: Inspiring Feline


Mrs. Human is constantly taking photos of me. She is inspired by my natural feline features, my beauty. I must admit when I need a few quiet moments to myself, it is not exactly ideal when someone tells you to look in this or that direction. I usually look away to show who is the boss, but she tricked me with this photo.

She was settling down to her daily sleep after lunch and I decided I would join her. I remember the days when my mum would sleep and we kittens would all begin our paw exercises laying next to her until we were all sleeping. So Mrs Human lays on the bed, I get a little closer and begin to move my two front paws up and down, the duvet is so soft. Suddenly Mrs. Human is awake, grabs her telephone camera and takes a quick photo. That is not fair as I do not have time to look in the other direction.

One advantage is that you now see the depth of my beauty. Look at those wonderful eyes. Β  Β Humans say they are green, although I do not do colour. And the whiskers, so perfect. And can you see the MacDonalds “M” on my forehead. Ok, it needs some imagination, but it is an impressionist version in the style of Whiskers Picasso. I am sure I have now inspired you all to possess a copy of this photo. for one tin of tuna fish to be sent to my home, you will get a signed photo with my own paw print, what a bargain.

Feline RDP Wednesday: Inspiring Feline

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