Feline RDP Friday: Feline Justice


I am going on a march to complain about my food
The tuna fish is once a week and I find that very crude
Instead my bowl is full of pellets, hard and tasteless too
They fill my bowl up to the rim, instead of just a few
The humans eat steak and mince, sometimes even a bird
I might get a piece or two, but I find that most unheard
Sabre tooth tigers, my actual roots, they would tear the birds apart
But Mrs. Human cuts in slices, I get a very small part
Where are the days when I would hunt. hang the heads of the game on the wall
what has become of the King of the jungle, to the vitamin pellets we must crawl
Life is hard for many felines, Mrs. Human tells me so
But I have the problems training her, for results that do not show
On the other paw I should not complain and I do not want to weep
I need a slave to do it all to enable twenty-three hours sleep
And so I munch on vitamin pellets and pretend they might be mice
Mrs. Human has her fixed ideas, but I really want tuna fish twice

Feline RDP: Feline Justice