Feline RDP Tuesday: Feline Contrast


Even we felines need a change of scenery
Laying in same place can get so boring
I have decided to take a break from monotony
There are chairs everywhere, you just have to choose the right place at the right time
Today I decided on a leather surrounding with a soft cashmere blanket
Mrs. Human says it is not cashmere, but it feels like it
I can sink into the folds of warmth and enjoy
The days of sleeping outside on a chair are now slowly disappearing
I am now glad I did not find the zip to remove my fur coat in summer
Yes the days are getting colder, no more lying on cooler stones in the evening outside
I think I will now change my position and have a relaxation on Mrs. Human’s bed
She is not using it at the moment
It is only a few small steps to the bathroom  opposite
That is my refuge during the day where the floor is warm laying on a feline sized carpet
Yes, it is a hard life being a feline, we are continuously having to search for somewhere new to sleep
It is the story of my nine lives, we felines are adventurous, always searching for improvements.
Tomorrow I have planned a sleep in another room, but as long as it has a view I am happy – and of course a bowl of food in the corner.

Feline RDP Tuesday: Feline Contrast