Feline RDP Friday: Trucking Feline


“Mrs. Human, where have they taken my territory?”

“Your territory is still here Tabby, it has just changed a little.

“Changed a little? Where is my grass, my earth where I can plant my secrets. Where are the smells that I deposited everywhere. The scents that prove it is all mine. It is now bare, everything gone. Is that my new recycling tray in the middle. I do not like it. I saw the humans take it all my territorial memories away in their truck.”

“I did not have the garden renewed for you Tabby, but for me.”

“Typical human, always put theirselves first. What about me, and how am I to climb to the top of the recycling part.”

“It is not for your recycling Tabby, but contains my herbs that I use for cooking.*

“You mean like catnip?”

“No tabby, I do not cook with catnip.”

“Then what is the point of having herbs.

“It is for me Tabby. You have a nice recycling tray for your use.”

“But where is the grass. Now there are only stones, although I have an idea.”

“Tabby stop squatting on those stones. What are you doing.”

“I am repossessing my territory. I think I must drink more water to cover it all. It is my marking device.”

“No Tabby, I can spray it with water from the hose.”

“It is not the same Mrs. Human. My effort is a sign of possession. At least I have a new wall to talk to. The wall will understand my problems.”

“Tabby walls do not talk.”

“How do you know Mrs. Human. Of course they do not talk to humans. It is only the felines that have a wave length to a wall.”

Feline RDP Friday: Trucking Friday

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