Feline RDP Saturday: Feline Burble


“Tabby what are you doing?”

“Mrs. Human, I am having a drink.”

“I can hear you burbling in the bowl, but why do you have your paw in the bowl as well?”

“That is obvious, even for a simple human. I have to make sure the water does not escape and stays where it is.”

“But the water is in the bowl.”

“I know, but only because I am making sure it stays in the bowl. If I remove my paw the water will go.”

“No Tabby, it will remain where it is.”

“Of course it remains where it is, but only because I put my paw in the bowl to keep it there.”

“Take your paw out of the bowl Tabby, and you will see it is still there.”

“No way. You humans have strange ideas. You are continuously putting water in your sink and where is it now?”

“I let it go into the drain.”

“Because you did not use your hand to stop it going.”

“I did not want to stop it going anywhere Tabby. I wanted it to go down the drain.”

“You mean that dark place at the bottom of the sink. I do not trust it. Your water burbles before it disappears into dark places. ┬áThat is why I keep my paw in my bowl to make sure the water does not go to the place of no return.”

“You really should not be so dramatic Tabby. Where do you think the water goes when I empty your bowl in the morning and fill it again with fresh water?”

“I would rather not know Mrs. Human. At the moment my water is in my bowl and I am keeping it where it is. It is behaving with no burbles. Your water even makes glugging noises when it disappears. One day it will return and revenge itself.”

“Take revenge for what?”

“Letting it fall into the sink, logical really. Strange creatures humans, the do not understand the physics of fresh water.”

Feline RDP Saturday: Feline Burble