Feline RDP Tuesday: Rugged Feline


I fooled them all with my cunning and dare
Now I’m the queen of the castle , I have found a new lair
From here I see everything and have it all in grip
Mrs. Human is still worried, she is sure that I will slip
We felines are so sure and steady even when we fall
Just turn as you go down, arrive on four paws next to the wall
I have been up and down today, have tried all various positions
Stretching, curled up sitting with style, according to my conditions
I love this new wall and it likes me, we assimilate so well
I tell the wall I am climbing up and it remains so parallel
Looking down is  showing me that I can do it with style
Now I have done it and shown them all, if only I could smile
So kittens if your human says a raised bed in the garden
Be sure to mark it as our own and do not give a pardon
Just take decisions in your paws and make sure it is plug-ged
You will get your just rewards just stay determined and rugged

Feline RDP Tuesday: Rugged Feline