Feline RDP Wednesday: Feline Colour


“Thank is not very nice Tabby, poking out your pink tongue.”

“My tongue is what? Am I ill, do I have to go to that torture chamber you call the vet to have my tongue replaced?”

“No, Tabby, all felines have a pink tongue, it matches your pink nose.”

“Pink does not exist in meow Mrs. Human. We do not do colours. If it breathes and moves and smells good, then eat it. No matter what colour it might be, the main thing is that we enjoy.

One of the reasons that the vitamin pellets are not so attractive. You are feeding me dead matter. Vitamin pellets do not move and the only good vitamin pellets are those fresh from the bag. They still have that taste allure that the others do not have. Give me good old fashioned tuna fish straight from the tin any time.”

“Yes Tabby, the conversation always reverts to tuna fish.”

“The feline ambosia.”

“And that is also pink Tabby.”

“Mrs. Human forget this colour thing. There I was having a nice quiet sleep and you being to ask silly questions again. I have always found my way home, and I do not follow the colours, I have other secret methods. By the way did you see that mouse in the field on the other side of my territory.?”

“No Tabby, that is too far away.?

“You see Mrs. Human, colour is not everything. If you had whiskers you would have noticed it by the vibrations. And no I cannot see colours with my whiskers, they are for my seventh sense which you do not have.”

“But you only have six senses.”

“Forget it, it is too complicated for a human, otherwise we will go into the realm of talking to walls.”

Feline RDP Wednesday: Feline Colour