Feline RDP Sunday: Feline Ring


Felines do not dance or hold paws to make a ring
On a full moon night, we like to have a sing
It is one for myself and myself for me
We do not need another cat, it is not our way to be
We meow up to the stars and everyone can hear
The humans shout complaints, but that we do not fear
I know I should write more, but there is nothing more to meow
We are involved in ourselves, we are so very highbrow
Being a feline soprano the glasses crack and fall
Tiddles is a baritone, he prefers to sing it cool
We have a feline chorus, with meows in every way
Not all of us sing in tune, but together we will sway
So let us do our own thing, and ring it out and loud
Cats can be so musical, with our voices we are so proud.

Feline RDP Sunday: Feline Ring

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