Feline RDP Tuesday: Feline Serendipity


“Tabby are you stuck on the top of that wall.”

“Of course no Mrs. Human, I can leave any time I want to. I just feel good sitting on top of my world. And my wall enjoys every moment of it.”

“But it cannot be comfortable sitting on such hard stone. A nice cushioned bed would be much better.”

“A good idea Mrs. Human. It would certainly improve it. When are you fitting the cushions on the wall. And there are two walls, do not forget.”

“Tabby, I have no intention of putting cushions on the walls for you. If it is uncomfortable then you can sit on a chair or in one of your beds.”

“That is not the same Mrs. Human. Up here I belong. I have everything under control. If I had a padded seat, even a throne, it would be much better. All the other felines are now jealous of my rise in the world. They are below, although I have to be careful. I noticed the feline next door sleeking around the walls. He even sprayed one of the bricks. My wall was really annoyed. It told him that the wall was all mine. I am the only feline that understands the problems of walls.”

“Tabby, walls are just, well, walls. They do not have feelings.”

“Of course they do Mrs. Human. Do not insult a wall. If you get crushed by a wall one day, you will know why. I noticed there are some plants in my wall, which might look quite good, but of no use.”

“They are of use to me Tabby. I can cook with them because they are herbs.”

“So is catmint Mrs. Human. Just a bed of catmint would be serendipity for me. I could roll in it, sniff the aroma and arrive in another time and dimension.”

“No Tabby. I tried that once and all the felines in the neighbourhood were in my garden rolling in it. The plant only survived a day.”

“But this time it will be different. It will be easier for you to chase them away.”

“Tabby I have better things to do than watch your wall and a cat mint plant.”

“You see how selfish humans can be. Never spare a thought for a poor defenceless feline like myself. I was once worshipped as a god you know.”

“That was your ancestors Tabby, and they are long gone. Just enjoy the serendipitous life you lead at the moment and concentrate on your wall.”

Feline RDP Tuesday: Feline Serendipity

3 thoughts on “Feline RDP Tuesday: Feline Serendipity

  1. Oh Tabby. I suggest finding a catmint plant in someone else’s garden, wait until it goes to seed, roll around in it so you get seeds in your fur, then come home and roll in Mrs. Human’s garden. I promise you’ll have catmint after that. Yr. Pal, Martha T. Random Gardener


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