Feline RDP Friday: Feline Week


That was a stress week if ever there was one. I hardly had time for I, me and myself. On Monday I slept for only 20 hours. I had a new wall in my territory and had to look after it. You cannot neglect walls, they need someone to talk to now and again and to stare at.

Tuesday was a little better, I managed my usual 23 hour sleep, but had to cram all my other duties into one hour: eating and washing. There was hardly time for a good scratch in between. I collapsed into my bed eventually, exhausted from the daily chores.

And Wednesday that was pure stress. I was chewing my claws out of worry. Mrs. Human had run out of tuna fish rations. There were only hard vitamin pellets to eat. Oh, how I suffered. I lost another hour’s sleep waiting for her to return with the new supplies. The worry I had you cannot imagine.

At last Thursday arrived. The midday sun woke me and I realised that I had missed my breakfast. I pawed my way to my bowl and made up for lost time. And then I had a quick look at my territory, but everything was in place. All the other felines in my area were still sleeping. I could relax and compensated with another afternoon of sleeping.


As it was Thursday I had to have my intensive mid week wash. You would be amazed the stuff I found in my fur in some places. You humans do not know how lucky you are not to have fur, although you probably also have your problems.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday was my week-end and then I had to relax to recover from the other days of the week.

Yes the life of a feline is hard, full of work. “Mrs. Human, my litter box needs emptying”. Why should she do nothing, I am working 100%, she can also help now and again.

Feline RDP Friday: Feline Week