Feline RDP Saturday: Feline Fabulists


“Gather around kittens, today our lesson will be about telling the truth. Does anyone have anything to say on this subject. Yes Tiddles, your paw is the first to show.”

“My mum said never tell the truth, blame it on the others and if there is a dog, then even better.”

“Very good Tiddles. Did you have something to say Snowy”

“I always tell the truth, otherwise I have a bad conscience.”

“And now we have two differing opinions class. Of course the truth is always honourable, but kittens we must always avoid problems. Just a small correction Snowy, the word “consience” does not exist in meow. It seems you have been listening to too many human conversations.

It is a very good suggestion to always blame it on the dog, but what do we do when there is no dog.”

“Yes Tiddles.”

“Blame it on your brother or sister, even the feline next door.”

“And what do you do if they blame it on you.”

“Ignore them, and perhaps spray their territory when they are not looking. You can always have a paw fight to establish the truth.”

“Very good Tiddles.”

“Yes Butch?”

“You can just walk away and pretend you wasn’t there when it happened.”

“I see that you are learning very well. Snowy, perhaps you can stay an hour after class and I will give you a few indications in lying. Another tip is when difficult questions are asked, to perhaps have a wash or take a two hour sleep. Generally the whole problem will be forgotten eventually.

Feline RDP Saturday: Feline Fabulists

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