Feline RDP Sunday: Objecting Feline


“Mrs. Human I am sleeping and object to having a camera thrust in front of me, it disturbs my sleep pattern.”

“I just wanted to take a daily photo for your blog. You could at least wave for your many followers.”

“Mrs. Human you have so many daily photos and I am sleeping, not waving to anyone. Wake me up if anything exciting happens like a bowl full of tuna fish, or a passing mouse that has lost its way.”

“But it is such good weather outside Tabby, I thought you might like to take a walk. I saw that Roshti, the feline next door, was also waiting outside.”

“Where was he waiting, in my territory?”

“Tabby I must admit I do not know where your territory begins and ends.”

“Mrs. Human you are neglecting me. The first rule of a human slave is to make a plan of my territory for the other cats so that they know where they are allowed to walk and where not. I mark my borders every day.”

“I know Tabby, but your borders change every day and seem to be growing.”

“Of course they are. One day it will all be mine, just a matter of spraying in the right places.”

“Yes Tabby, but you tend to overdo it with the spraying. I now have new plants in the garden, and herbs that I used for cooking and that is not so appetising when they are sprayed.”

“Not my problem Mrs. Human I do not cook with herbs. My food is environment friendly, made only with natural products, although I would appreciate a little more imagination when preparing it. We felines also eat with the eyes Mrs. Human. Just perhaps garnished with a little Cilantro would do quite nicely and of course a twig of catmint on the side for perfection. You should really show more care when serving the food. Just pouring vitamin pellets from a plastic bag, or opening a tin of fish is not the fine art. And now leave me to finish my beauty sleep. And don’t forget to top up my bowl of water. You may use mineral water, without gas. It helps me to digest better than the usual tap water.”

“Of course Tabby, it seems I have been neglecting you lately.”

“You are forgiven, but pay attention that it does not happen again.”

Feline RDP Sunday: Objecting Feline

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